As a studio, we’ve always wanted to combine our skills to create quality products. Our philosophy is to treat our creations not like games, but as memorable experiences worthy of appreciation and remembrance. That’s what we aim to achieve every time we start a new project.

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Rest in Jelly

Rest in Jelly


Welcome to “Rest in Jelly”, a videogame that will test your platforming ability and precision in ways that will drive you crazy. Control Jack the...

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Latest tweets from @littlemiraclesg

If you explore a bit too much in my world, you may end up in this alternate reality... I'm not sure if it's cool or…

Oct 5 2018

More than 50 achievements await you in #RestInJelly... And only some of them involve jumping a lot! What achievemen…

Oct 4 2018

Hey! Can you see me? How about all those shadows? They are my friends! You will be able to play with them, but firs…

Oct 3 2018

When devils go to sleep, wild Rest in Jelly logos come out to play with the fireflies #RestInJelly

Oct 2 2018

Can you see any jellies in my stomach? No? That's why you and me will end this rebellion or die trying

Oct 1 2018

Hey kids! It may be torture, but it's still science! #RestInJelly #indiegame #gamedev Wishlist us! 📝…

Sep 30 2018

Neon jelly is still good jelly #RestInJelly #indiegame #gamedev Wishlist us! 📝

Sep 29 2018

Hey, don't scream! At least you don't look like a jelly bean like those creepy embryos in the background…

Sep 28 2018

Jellies did rebel once in ancient times... and Jack was already there to fight them! #RestInJelly

Sep 27 2018

This is my logo. There aren't many like it, for this one is mine #RestInJelly #indiegame #gamedev Wishlist us! 📝…

Sep 26 2018