Ewan Lamont and Dr Gavin Rummery founded Legendary Games in November 2010 to introduce a series of online strategy games into the growing social games market. Both have a keen interest in board games as well as video games and had a shared vision of where social games are moving to in the next few years.

Our Mission

  • Build Social Games and Phone applications that are truly social. Players should play with other people.
  • Involve the Community in our game production. People love games and want to be involved, we love games and want to involve them.
  • Ensure our technology supports online play on any internet enabled device, from Console to Kindle.

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Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

Turn Based Strategy

Explore the ruins of Mordheim. Collect Wyrdstone and clash with enemy warbands!

Year 0 Tactics

Year 0 Tactics

Real Time Strategy

After a cataclysmic global war, civilisation lies in ruins. It is the first year after the apocalypse. It is Year Zero… Lead a vicious band of marauders...

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