We at icon.games are making roguelike dungeon crawler with RPG elements called Crossroads. Stay tuned!

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Crossroads: Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler

Crossroads: Roguelike RPG Dungeon Crawler


Crossroads is a roguelike dungeon crawler with RPG elements stylized as a trading card game. Create your hero and go to the adventures to gain levels...

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It is Steam Summer Sale! #Crossroads is 40% off! Here: Icon.games #steam #ios #android #indieT.co

Jun 27 2019

Lucky Edition is available now! Store.steampowered.com #steam #indie #indiegame #indiegamelover #indiedevT.co

Jun 9 2019

Made an update with balance tweaks! Difficulty curve is much smoother now. Live on Steam, iOS & Android. Download:… T.co

Mar 31 2019

Just implemented Steam Cloud saving! Store.steampowered.com #steam #indie #indiegame #indiegamelover #indiedevT.co

Mar 28 2019

Looking for a game to play on your Mac? #Crossroads is also available on the Mac App Store.… T.co

Mar 24 2019

Crossroads is #madewithunity so it is also available on Android! Play.google.com #android #mobile #indieT.co

Mar 22 2019

Piston Smashed™ from @The_CPT_FROGGY made a thorough review of #Crossroads. Thank you! #steam #indie #indiegameT.co

Mar 22 2019

Crossroads is also available on iOS! This is an adventure in your pocket! Itunes.apple.com #ios #mobileT.co

Mar 21 2019

This day has come. Crossroads is OUT NOW! Store.steampowered.com #steam #indie #indiegame #indiegameloverT.co

Mar 20 2019