FPS Video game creation and development. No genre is as controversial as the first-person shooter. Some find him as the highest game experience, the others endeavor to impose on him an image as a trigger to rampage

It is not to be discussed who developed the first first-person shooter. Programmers entered new territory in the pioneering age of electronic entertainment mostly out of joke. The three students Steve Colley, Greg Thompson and Howard Palmer laid the foundation stone in 1972 with "Maze War". During his internship at NASA, Colley wrote a three-dimensional labyrinth on the Imlac PDS-1 minicomputer through which he could navigate - which seemed to him and his fellow students to be too dull in the long run. To add more, they linked two Imlacs and hunted each other. The combination of shooting and direct view of the action was exactly the intensity increase that makes up the shooter type.

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