We are a mexican indie videogame developer aiming for the stars.

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Solaris: Aisling

Solaris: Aisling


A short puzzle platformer videogame that serves as a prelude to "Solaris".

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Oct 16 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 15 Halfway into the month! Today I made the assets for the 7Twentyfour 🛒 2 out of 38 stores done! 😅… T.co

Oct 15 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 14 Hopefully the "Contacts" menu if finally complete with the addition of friendship bonds.… T.co

Oct 14 2021

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Oct 13 2021

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Oct 12 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 11 I decided to add an EXP magnet to automatically pull EXP drops, I also made the drops half their s… T.co

Oct 11 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 10 I wonder if I should remove or reduce the aount of obstacles that 1 hit KO... Any suggestions?… T.co

Oct 10 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 9 *YAAAWN* I'm Tired...🛌💤 #pixelart #gamedev #RPG #ドット絵 #aseprite #madewithunity #gamedevelopmentT.co

Oct 9 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 8 Still Progressing on Friendship Bonds. The test event should be done next week. #pixelartT.co

Oct 8 2021

RT @WalGallen: #devtober day 7 Hanging out with friends raises your friendship points and each level is respresented by medals. So… T.co

Oct 7 2021