Deliberative Entertainment is an independent video game design studio based in Toronto, Canada. Our purpose is to make entertaining games that give players the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to personal, social, and global challenges.

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Keep the Peace

Keep the Peace

Grand Strategy

Keep the Peace is an in-depth law enforcement strategy game under development for the PC. You'll take the role of Police Chief, responsible for the safety...

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Latest tweets from @playktp

We're Live! Join us for our Live voice AMA with our Developer over on Keep the Peace Discord:

Sep 17 2022

Join us tomorrow (Saturday, September 17) at 1:30pm EDT / 5:30pm UTC / 6:30pm BST four our developer AMA following…

Sep 16 2022

An important announcement regarding the future of Keep The Peace:

Sep 14 2022

Get Keep the Peace now for as little as $20! Includes the digital game on release as well as access to the playable…

Jul 31 2022

Get your hands on Keep the Peace, an in-depth law enforcement strategy game being developed for the PC now with Alp…

Jul 24 2022

Join our passionate community and help make Keep the Peace the number one #police #management #strategy game! Manag…

Jul 21 2022

Develop your officer’s skills, assign them a patrol, and kit them out with the right equipment for the job – it’s y…

Jul 18 2022

There are 2 types of Keep the Peace players. 1) The master strategists who combine the cities' resources to coun…

Jul 15 2022

Watch out, the criminals in this city won’t go down without a fight. Use your resources to keep your citizens and o…

Jul 12 2022

Sure, managing theme parks, safari experiences and hospitals is fun an’ all – but how about your own Police force?…

Jul 6 2022


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