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Through Vortal Eyes (Inspired by Point Of View)

Half-Life: Espionage (Not a Mod)

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Through Vortal Eyes

Through Vortal Eyes

First Person Shooter

A reimagining of the classic Half-Life mod Point Of View made with Source.

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Mar 12 2023

Feb 13 2023

Sorry for the gross politician promotion, this account was hacked. however, it is back to normal

Dec 27 2022

Today, the first demo of Through Vortal eyes has been released, it can be downloaded on moddb, and viewed on our youtube channel.

Jul 17 2022

Current team member count: 3 If you have any valuable skills (i.e. art, music composing, sound design, sprite work…

Jun 6 2022

The ModDB page for this team's first mod: Through Vortal Eyes is up.

Mar 31 2022

Science Gun [WIP]

Mar 26 2022

No maidens?

Mar 18 2022


Feb 18 2022


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