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Third Person Shooter

Introspect is an explosive love-letter to the video game boss fight, full of high mobility shootouts against massive machines of war.

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Been a bit but we're streaming today! Come check out some vfx prog. #indiedev #gamedev #ue4 #twitch #live Twitch.tv

Sep 22 2020

Come join us in the comforting environment that is our dev stream as we struggle to make things look 😙🤏 *chef's kis… T.co

Sep 1 2020

We need #ue4 assistance! #UnrealEngine devs we're waving you down for help 👋🏳 #indiedev #gamedevlife T.co

Aug 19 2020

For this week's wowee wednesday, we explore the intricacies of proximity mines by carefully dissecting how they rol… T.co

Aug 18 2020

Is it hot in here or...? Probably just our sizzling stream, making spicy fire vfx 🔥 #indiedev #gamedev #ue4T.co

Aug 11 2020

We've painted the manta and its looking quite spiffy! Reviewing textures and then continuing with vfx today.… T.co

Aug 4 2020

🎵 OoOoh VFX ~ We're doing VFX ~ 🎵 I said OoOoh VFX ~ Watch us VFX ~ #indiedev #gamedev #ue4 #twitch #liveT.co

Jul 28 2020

RT @lusternite: The Steam and Itch stores for Lareissa Everbright are now up! Try out the demo of this resource conserving paladin… T.co

Jul 25 2020

We're streaming again today, more patchwork vfx. Visit the quack particle doctor @Delirium_Trig on Twitch!… T.co

Jul 21 2020