Art Ink Studios is an indie game development that located online in the east coast of North Carolina that produce games for PC, mobile, handheld and virtual console. Coming from a common background as passionate gamer as our goal is not only to embrace the individual aesthetic styles, and unique game design. But to follow the three rules of the gaming experience that all gamer anticipate: Engaging, Fun and Challenging.

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Star Blitz X

Star Blitz X

First Person Shooter

Star Blitz X is a 3d first person shooter that’s homage of the 1980's and 1990's arcade light shooter genre like Duck Hunt, Time Crisis and House of...

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May 7 2023

RT @MantisFRK: Obsidian Legion is an action-adventure game made by 2 guys! Help us spread the word! (Currently in development)…

Apr 26 2023

Laser with UI Meters Display via @YouTube

Apr 23 2023

RT @DenNoStudio: Dear game developers, here is a mini pack of retro FM #segamegadrive music loops that you can use freely for your g…

Dec 13 2022

RT @QuantumApG: Master semi-realistic wind sailing physics to chart unknown waters, welcome aboard quirky crewmates, and manage a f…

Dec 7 2022

Check out this awesome user on Game Jolt!

Dec 2 2022

RT @space__diver: Need music for your games? DM us or check out the Linktree page on our profile. Here is another music we composed.…

Nov 2 2022

Install a new feature to the crosshair as the reticles closed and open at the same time when pressing the fire butt…

Oct 7 2022