Credits: Zombie model parts from the Ultimate Zombie Pack by fat_al and Sabre Female assassin base from Valve/Gearbox Reskinning by Mathewv EDIT: COMING SOON! Zombie pack with the zombies Mathewv has made, plus more. Notes: This model was a challenge. Since the zombie parts weren't made for females, I had to severely alter some. I also changed the bicep and headcrab size because they didn't look natural. Some animations don't work too well with this model; also note that the mouth doesn't close all of the way. This is because of the distortion of the mouth. I may release an update with custom animations to fix these problems. Not Enough Blood? Because of the way the assassin is textured, I cant add a decent amount of blood without making long ugly streaks of red. Not disgusting ugly either. It looks horrible with blood.

Zombie Assassin
CaptainSuavePrice - - 522 comments

Isn't this from Residual Life?

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Guest - - 695,149 comments

NO this another model

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HEVScientist - - 1,353 comments

Yeah It's another model, The Fassain zombie model Residual life Is just Romka's assassin zombie model with blood

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PAMAUMod - - 14 comments

wait but i never seen a model of this i only seen it from fast zombie of assassin

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