After several versions and many modifications, the map appears to be complete! Using largly, if not only, metalic shanty huts, i designed a small metropolis style desert shanty village. up to 3 or 4 stories high in some places. a secret hidden jungle can be accessed on the other side of the cliffs. good luck finding your way in and out of that jungle! i played with the map boundaries, so i would encourage players to take the time to explore out of bounds and find other hidden locations for snipers :D in case you couldn't tell, i love snipers :D This map, i should hope, reflects that. Designed for capture the diamond and TDM more than anything else. Submitted for the "what the...?!" award.


I had a lot of fun playing this one! Framerates are not so bad even with everything it contains. And what the hell did you do with map limits?

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HotNirvanaJudoTrend Author

lessee, i havent updated this download in a while, im not sure which version you played, exactly. if you played on eagle's lately, then im ceratin i know what map.

map limits? if you mean boundaries, yeah i kinda had fun with them, because i could.

i made a few "out of bounds" camp spots.

The frame rates drop pretty severely on lower end machines man, you've got a good computer on your hands. i average 28 FPS when looking in toward the center of the shanties, but pretty smooth otherwise.

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