Noob map i made, while testing out my skills in mapping. This is the first time I've ever released any map before. Please be nice. If there are errors, ignore them, sorry. To use, put the Desert_base.pk3 in your etmain folder in the wolfenstein folder. Enjoy! oh yeah, to run, go ingame console (~) and type: "devmap desert_base" for use in your own match. You may use it to host in multiplayer.

Wolfenstein Desert Base map

"Noob map i made, while testing out my skills in mapping."

Then why release it? x)

You can ask for a news item on Splatterladder/Wolffiles or Trackbase if you feel it would be interesting to share it more;
I would suggest to use clipweapon_metal for barrels and clipweapon_wood for the cart, the regular clips don't block bullets, and so bots see through these...

Seems to be nicely built :)

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Cousinmuscles Author

wow ty :D that means alot. i released it for feedback, but i didnt think it was very good. ty though, and ill try what you suggested :D

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