Wrath of Cronos enhancements together with the weapons from heXercise, rebalanced to fit the mod. This is the mainfile and therefore designed for Hexen, if you want to use it with other IWADs, you'll have to download WoC and use the patch PK3s for that.

WoC 1.6C with HeXercise 1.031

Hi all, first of all thank you for the tremendous work, effort and enthusiasm that you make good games (like Hexen) to real masterpieces. I've been testing the mod and put my opinions hoping to contribute something:

- Warrior: Unlike the original WoC, stacking stat points in intelligence in this mod is useless for greater efficiency with Dragon Claw (and other range weapons) making this totally useless and having to spend about 60 mana to kill three serpents chaos (frustration :'/). Also, I think it has not much sense in the original WoC spending stats in intelligent with a warrior, but at least you could make better shots. Not sure it was this effect that was looking for and I could not test if this weapon gains effectiveness stacking strength, I acknowledge that I have not been able to play too much since you have uploaded the mod ... I understand that the warrior is made for short and medium distance, so i think that the damage of the Dragon Claw could depends as you're closer (making more damage) or farther (less damage) to the enemy.
On the other hand I have also seen that about half of the shots with the hammer fails literally traspassing across the victim as a ghost and doing no damage (frustration :'/). Is it a bug?
Now it is true that it is amazing the things you can do with the warrior in close range as the hammer smash , dual axe hammer , etc ...

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- Cleric: I have not played much with this guy but I have experienced almost the same with the ranged weapons as explained below with the warrior. Spending an awful lot of mana for killing a simple chaos with the serpent staff. It is true that I have to try other weapons and try all the game, so I will try to complete this post later.

- Mage: With the mage I felt super over powered only stacking intelligence, and killing rows of ettins with only three or four shots with the blue wand and having 250 mana points in lvl 8 :O. I think he is over powered in all aspects.

- Hunter: Same as original WoC1.6C. Stacking intelligence you will get a powerful shots and a great amount of mana.

- Necro: Same as original WoC1.6C. Stacking intelligence you will get a powerful shots and a great amount of mana. I think this guy rocks and is overpowered with his 4 minions on game, doing all the work for you.

In short, this mode (which is amazing) solves (somehow) the fact that in the original WoC only stacking intelligence is how you spend the game with less difficulty. But regrettably i think that Intelligence buff in WoC is overpowered, so WoC with hexercise Inherit the same problem. In other forums i read some alternatives to this problem changing the effect of the stats to the weapons depending of the weapon and changing the effect of some stats. But this problem is of WoC

hope it helps and thank you for your great work

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