Give feed back and tested for GZdoom and Zand 2.0, sound files still being work on hope will add more in future.

Weapon Altered Sounds beta
Doomguy5th - - 483 comments

Not bad. You actually found sounds I was trying to find for like CENTURIES. Thank you.

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RainboWarrioR - - 114 comments

i like the assault rifle sound. im now using it instead of the codMW G3 sound file i ripped from the game. the stgpump is from the other abandoned sound replacement wad here. ive been using it for awhile. and the sgfire sound is from soundbible. its not good for the sg but the ssg...its perfection. i use it for that. my sgfire sound is ripped from haze. crappy game i know but some good sounds. so far youve helped me replace some of the sounds i use in my personal sound replacement wad(not uploaded probably never will be).

if youre looking for a good RL sound i could hook you up with one i made. just send me a private message. i could also hook you up with some good chainsaw sounds.

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Foxdash - - 84 comments

nice sound pack, i realy like it. i hope to see the final version for all weapons.

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