Ah yes, Volcanic Winter... The old version had horrible gameplay, so a upgrade was nessecary. This Version focuses more on "enjoyable" and smooth gameplay!

Volcanic Winter AOD [Remastered]

I played the previous version, which I had 8 players, I think, and was playing it on my own. I lost a lot, but I used Tao General and managed to win after 3 days, I destroyed every wave, save the map, then I tried the TTK map and it was impossible to win, I reached WAVE43 and I couldn't win in the solo mode I will try it This is a mini version of the first map but I am in Actually very excited about the Chinese co-op mission 2 I don't know when it will be released.

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NeoMaurice Author

I had to make Volcanic Winter a lot smaller, since it was basically impossible to play it in multiplayer without crashing. The TTK Map is pretty hard, but not impossible. There is a Video on my Youtube Channel, where I played the entire Singleplayer Mode from start to end. You can check it out, maybe it helps. The next China Mission is still being worked on, it just takes a lot of time since making gameplay for missions can be really hard ^^ Especially with such a complex Layout.

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I watched a video from TTK on YouTube and I and intro mission 2 l think I watched an action movie,and hard mission is my favorite type I'm so excited to play it and trample the Americans with fire launchers with my nuclear friend and in revenge for what they did to the nuclear storm after I played this mission 20 times I don't know maybe more good luck working on it thanks for your efforts I can Saying I'm addicted to your maps and really enjoy playing it and will play TTK again and AOD maps

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