Full Campaign Cutscenes for C&C Tiberian Dawn Redux. This also updates the existing video clips featured in version 1.4 with the classic overview maps and plays the clips in a higher resolution format. Simply extract and copy to your ZH game directory and place inside the "Data" folder. This can also be used with the "Lite Install" versions of the mod. Make sure to set generals.exe to WinXPSP2 Compatibility Mode and restart your system after installing.

Tiberian Dawn Redux Full Campaign Cutscenes

Thanks so much!

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Thanks very much

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So good, so well done! I LOVE it!

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sgtmyers88 Author

Unfortunately guys this will be the definitive edition. EA does not allow remastered content to be used.

"It is not permitted to redistribute any of the C&C Remastered Collection assets. Therefore, redistributing the assets you mention (which would be in the region of ~10GB) would mean your project would be breaking the C&C Modding Policy terms and leave you wide open to a possible Cease and Desist."

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