You [Kyle] were returning to a Republic Base on Yavin IV, but before you reach it, something shoots your ship down, and you black out. Later, you awake to a vile odor and a dusty prison room. You realize you are in the dungeon of a different ancient temple on Yavin IV. Outside your cell, you see a Stormtrooper at one end of the hall and your weapon and light goggles at the other end on a shelf. They don't know that you're awake yet, so no door has been put on the prison room's doorway. You want to escape instead of waiting to see what the Remnant does to you. Of course, if the legends of this temple are true, part of your path out is through the catacombs-the tribe that created this temple guarded their dead with several traps and illusions. Good luck.

The Remnant Plot: Ancient Temple Escape
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