Kyle and Luke have found that Tavion has somehow resurrected Darth Vader. Luke decides to go to Kejim alone and defeat his father once again. At the meantime Kyle must try and find out where Tavion is hiding. However Kyle senses a disturbance in the force and feels that Luke is in trouble. Kyle decides to go to Kejim and help out Luke. Kyle arrives at the Imperial outpost on Kejim. Luke's ship is there but he is nowhere in sight. However Kyle can sense were he went and follows his trail. Minutes later Kyle finds an opening in a rockface and enters only to find two Reborn Jedi cut to pieces and a large locked door behind them. Using an old mercenary trick, Kyle is able to open the door. Inside is a large room with mainframes inside. This room powers all electrical computer systems inside the Imperial outpost. The door slams shut behind Kyle and he can hear the sound of a saber fight in the distance. Looking infront of him he sees a Reborn Jedi. 

The Mainframe

this is a nice one. i reccomend not using other mods with it.

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