Lowers the deafening vanilla rain sfx for Dead Air by about 10dB, resulting in softer rain that no longer drowns out every other sound ingame.

Softer Rain
EFTBEAR - - 83 comments

Interesting. Thanks!

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Heawood_Jablome - - 7 comments

The rain before this mod made my ears ring, which sucked cause i love the sound of rain. So this mod is very appreciated.

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Detestt - - 167 comments

Thank you for this!

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Darvin76 - - 55 comments

If you listen to the rain sound with some quality headset or w/e you can hear the annoying "yaaaay" like every there seconds or so.. Its the same **** rain sound from the AA, or at least I heard it there first.. Nonetheless I am going to enjoy this addon for sure, the original is way too loud indeed

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Tegarccio - - 130 comments

does anyone knows how to turn off the fog (it´s been 3 days now)

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