Let me know what you think! A female cybernetic voice I created from the Female Boss 1 voice. Original audio from youtube user warcraftfan5. SOUNDS: ACKS: 16 FFIRES: 6 ORDERS: 10 OTHERS: 33 TAUNTS: 48 TOTAL UNIQUE: 99

Saints Row 3: Female Boss (Robot Voice)

As the TF2 medic would say: "Stupendous!"

I like the personality that comes across, though I tend to like my characters more confident across the board ^_^ . But since she seems formidable and yet definitely not like a Mary-Sue style character, I think most players who come across this will really like it for that reason. Plus her lines are both versatile yet seemingly appropriate whenever she says them, with a varied sense of personality (instead of "I'm a badass"... "Yeah, still a badass"... "I'm the very same flavor of badass you heard five minutes ago" XD )

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Nips34 Author

Thankyou Catatafish! Enjoy!

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