An elite anti-terrorist group called Rainbow Six, a team bent on foiling the Neo-Facist terrorists doing damages on South American oil interests and European financial institutions. Custom Map.

Renegade Sun v1.1

Excellent! It's very very R6, I mean it looks like a regular map that I was looking for.
Tangos are not too many and not just standing there but various and well-balanced.
Nice work!

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Very high-quality map, I hope we find more from the creator!

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What stands out about this map:
-Ambient noises of boats in the background, radios, it really creates atmosphere. Bug-free and runs very smooth.
-Excellent lighting, especially indoors. The detail on the machinery, offices, vehicles is very impressive but it never feels excessive. On par with maps from Athena Sword and Iron Wrath. The planning mode map also is well supported, which is rare for custom maps, and even has new icons you can use!
-Mission mode has a very detailed and immersive mission briefing, this was the meant to be part of a campaign and the writing and plot is very good, feels more like Rogue Spear with it's dark story. The only objective is to retrieve data from a computer but you'll have to work your way through a lot of tough areas to get there.
-Size and diversity makes it perfect for tango hunt and hostage rescue, endless replayability.
-Tangos patrol and have natural placement, you really have to go and hunt them down.
-Teammates can navigate well and path-finding is very clean, allowing for you to effectively use your entire team without having to constantly make sure a team isn't stuck somewhere. And you will need them.

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