Remeber Bionicle Heroes?The 6 Piraka? The Allies,Soviets and Yuri now take their fight to Voya-Nui,home of the Piraka.The desert part is home to the Desert Outposts,Bleak Refineries,the Ancient Citadel and Reidaks own Bastion.There is more than enough space for base constuction(20*20)and a 2 cell wide strip for defences.Each of the outposts contains one radar,a battle lab,and a factory.In the fourth you find all 3 conyards sitting next to a nuke reactor.4 power stations can be found for infiltration to shut the bastion down.In the SE you'll find a village with some strangers.I strongly recommend the Supreme YR mod for playing.

Reidaks Desert

Good map

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TAK02 Author

I mean, thanks for the compliment, but honestly I think it's terrible, especially now.
Though, it WAS my first map from scratch...

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