Add addon Red Forest Cake's Custom (Initial) Relations!
This wouldn't have been possible without the work already done by both DrX and the Anomaly Team.
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Changes the starting faction relations to something that is unusual yet lore-friendly. To install, drag-n-drop the gamedata folder (from the "Install Addon Relations" folder) into your Anomaly directory as per usual and overwrite when requested. If you aren't asked to overwrite, then you did something wrong. To uninstall, simply (break my heart and) drag-n-drop the gamedata folder from the "Revert Addon Changes" folder into your Anomaly Directory.

Red Forest Cake's Custom (Initial) Relations!

Well, thanks for your hard work.

I `ll give it a try and see.....

Good hunting STALKER

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jackheretherealon Author

Brief FAQ:

Q - Does this work with 1.5?
A - Yes.

Q - Does this work with 1.4?
A - Probably.

Q - Does this require a new game?
A - Yes. Only the starting relations are affected. My addon has no effect on a game that has already been created (so it won't change relations for any of your existing saves) - it will only affect new games.

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jackheretherealon Author


Only compatible with 1.5.

1.4 is highly likely to have issues unless you install the *Lost to the Zone* addon before my own. Even then, you may have issues.

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-500 is still neutral or? Sorry I am very bad with these numbers.

1) Mercs and Loners are hostile? If they are, how are Mercs supposed to get contracts from Lone stalkers?

2) What's the reason behind the Freedom-Ecologist hate?

3) What's the reason behind Ecologist-Mercenary hate? Ecologists rely a lot on Mercenaries for protection

I want to like this but it's very odd..

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jackheretherealon Author

-500 is still neutral, just a little strained.
Also, 2) and 3) are already answered in the description, but I'll answer again here.

1) They're neutral as a general rule (neither side has a real reason to always shoot each other on sight), but occasionally, as a Merc, you'll be asked to take out a hit on Lone Stalkers. It's not a happy neutrality.

2) Freedom wants free access to the Zone. Ecologists are on the payroll of the government that is restricting said access. Lukash doesn't like having them around, because they're turning the Zone into a zoo. Freedom wants to coexist with the Zone, not lord over it.

3) There's mercenaries, and then there's Mercenaries (with a capital M). Throughout the series, Ecologists often hire Loners as "mercenaries" to do help guide or protect them.
Actual Mercenaries, however, haven't been as helpful.
Wolfhound, a Merc, killed Kruglov's team and would have killed him too.
Black, a Merc, was essentially holding Hermann's bunker hostage.
Mercs in general were harasssing Ecologists in ShoC.
Mercs have done more than any other faction to hurt Ecologists throughout the series - even more than Bandits!

3.1) Ecologists actually relied on *Duty* for protection in ShoC, and the Merc team in CoP ends up needing to be replaced (since they were, again, actually holding the bunker hostage). I'm guessing Ecologists used Mercs in CS, but that's likely so the player wouldn't break the storyline for siding with Freedom and Bandits.

And yeah, my addon is very odd. I hope you like it!

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I like the idea of neutrality with tension. That seems right for Loner-Mercenary relations.

2) I guess that's a good point. But Freedom also want to study the zone and it seems as though on this factor some form of neutrality would be okay.

3) Yes I know about the events in Shoc but a lot of time went by until CoP and post-COP (CoC/Anomaly etc). What I'm wondering then is.. Being a Mercenary, how are you supposed to do the main story if the ecologists are hostile to you? It's a difficult one for me. Because I feel there are many Mercs that would likely enter the zone to collaborate with Eco's.

I like some stuff, and I understand your points. Other stuff is not your lack of knowledge.. Just limits with scripting. E.g loners aren't really supposed to be a faction or the mercs for that matter. They should have relations based on squads but there is no scripting for that.

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jackheretherealon Author

2) Thank you. Yeah, it's plausible that they'd be neutral (esp given how Loki feels about the Ecologists) but in the Freedom heirarchy, Lukash > Loki, and Loki isn't cut off from Army Warehouses - or Lukash's supervision - anymore (I mean, this is the same guy who voluntarily let Duty share a base with him).

The way I see it, Freedom is interested in science (hence them having slightly positive relations with Clear Sky in this addon), but they want to share the results with everyone, whereas Ecologists hold their knowledge as a bargaining chip at best - worse, they directly send their findings to state-sponsored institutions, rather than the common folk (who they only sell their products to). It's a definite point of tension between the two factions.

3) Mercs are enemies of Loners in Anomaly by default. Almost all the Main Story characters are Loners. My addon grants Mercs neutrality with Loners at the cost of being enemies with Ecologists. Still, Mercs can do the main story by disguising past the bunker guards, or bribing them for a ceasefire. Sakharov himself is a Trader IIRC, so he won't be hostile to you no matter your faction (therefore mercs can still get the psi-helm from him).

3.1) Regarding Mercs entering the Zone to collab with Ecos -
You'll find some NPCs who look like Mercs, but are aligned with the Ecologist faction, and the player themselves can join the Ecologists later as a guard/ field researcher if they so desire (although a disguise may be required at first). TBH, I always got the impression that most of the Mercs in Stalker were sent into the Zone by people who already hired them outside of it - mostly to retrieve information from the labs and gain insight on how the Zone works in general...and to disrupt the efforts of others who are trying to do the same. Scar is a notable exception, of course, and you'll see a few similarly exceptional NPCs as you play.

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I guess in the end you are right about the Freedom-Ecologist relations. I did not think of it that way. For example it actually makes sense because Freedom is very anarchist and "for the people". Ecologists are at the end of the day a government institution.

Mercs are enemies of the Loners in default Anomaly, agreed. But in my opinion, this is retarded. For example, Mercenaries are well, Mercenaries. They take contracts. It makes sense both logically and lore-wise that loners would pay mercenaries to do dirty work when they require a professional. Although I do agree, MOST mercenaries have an outsider they work for.. Realistically, a situation where you create pockets/squads of mercenaries that work independently for money makes sense. So I like your change.

As I understood it, those Ecologists with Merc suits are supposed to be Mercs that work for the Ecologists. They have Merc lines too from what I could tell. So e,g that's one way to represent them as independent. They are under the "Eco" flag.

Finally. Do I need to start a new game for this to function? I'm considering trying it. Thanks mate.

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jackheretherealon Author

Yeah, new game is required. You can still use your old saves without any issues, my addon just won't make any changes to them.

Your own Freedom-Ecologist interpretation is just as valid IMHO, but I'm obligated to stand up for the decision I've made, given the web page we are on XD

And yeah, as soon as I saw that Ecologists had NPCs with Merc looks and Merc lines, I *really* wanted to make them enemies with mainline mercs, just to highlight how fractured the latter faction is.

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Can you update this mod for 1.5.0 beta 3.0 ?

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