Fan created music pack for Red Alert: A Path Beyond. This pack replaces the soundtrack of all maps with music from Command And Conquer titles and Timesplitters Future Perfect. This version is intended for use with RA:APB version "Cold Fusion". Readme included.

Red Alert: A Path Beyond Cold Fusion Custom Musics
Omar007 - - 450 comments

Timesplitters! :D

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Worldwideweb - - 111 comments


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Juffe - - 393 comments

Timesplitters...ah that was legendary series. any new Timesplitters coming soon?

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BigCheese256 Author
BigCheese256 - - 2,241 comments

I remember that a Timesplitters 4 was announced not long after Timesplitters Future Perfect was released. It was going to be set before Timesplitters 1 IIRC.

Haven't heard anything about it since then though.

Timesplitters tracks really go well with some of these APB maps. For example Forest Of Illusion, a map with ghosts, goes well with the music on zombie maps. Allied Coop, a map where you assault from a beach goes well with the Vietnam music track.

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DoommasterAM - - 117 comments

HA! the mortal combat theme :P nice, and liken the musics (:~))-<--<

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