Using certain medical items gets you back some of its crafting items.

Recoverable jars and parts after using drugs

Vewy noice ! 11/10 would take drugs again

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Looks nice, will try :)

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Good idea with this mod, the difficulty to obtain jars considering the ammount of waste and disposables from usables was somehow contradictory. But.. (always a but)


According to the icons in the game, they show something like:

+Antirad coming with a packed syringe (would be plastic film + syringe, but no jar)

+Cocaine coming just in a plastic film, (no jar, would consider perhaps a paper sheet as well)

+Ordinary stimpacks come just as loose syringes, no plastic film (very dirty)

+instead, first aid kits do contain jars for pills and such,

+radioprotectant is just wrapped pill, plastic film

Finally, it could also be considered for the dropped items to be randomized somehow. Consider that, when things are used in a hurry (like emergency items) syringes can break, as well as jars and plastic film can be teared when misused - you get the idea.

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Angery_Orang Author

I understand certain drops make no sense according to icons. I wanted to make drugs somewhat "renewable".

For example: to make cocaine you need hercules, and hercules requires jar. Therefore cocaine drops a jar. Perphaps it would be best when crafting cocaine you get a jar drop from hercules.

I do like the idea of randomizing dropped items.
I might do those things, depending on how complex they are to implement.

Thanks for the feedback!

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i also have edits to my mod that does this, i have already added similar things like syringes from certain meds, and recyling jars as well as new crafts.

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