DoomDymMusic aka Doom Dynamic music mod that contain tracks from original Resident Evil 2 (not to be confused with Remake of the same title).

RE2 Dynamic Music
jerichodre1668848518 - - 5 comments

This is exactly what I needed!! Been playing with a classic RE music randomizer I put together modified from SynthDoom. Goes nicely with a fun Resident Evil style mods and gameplay I generally use.

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jerichodre1668848518 - - 5 comments

If possible, you should do these without packaging DoomDynmus so that way you can use the mod separately & have more than one music pack loaded. I used to play this way with the Manhunt 1 & 2 dynamic music packs. Great work! Would be cool to play with multiple RE music packs going.

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Demon_Ninja Author
Demon_Ninja - - 8 comments

Sure thing! if you want the Dmus pack, you should be able to find it on this thread here:

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jerichodre1668848518 - - 5 comments

Fantastic!! Thanks!
By the way, if you'd like a fun as heck RE like experience in Doom/Doom2, try this mod combo: (can edit with links later if needed)

-Codename Hunk monsters (one on zdooom forums) (Alternate ver of this may be coming)
-Corruption Cards (4.5 at time of writing)
-Gun Bonsai
-Universal Entropy
Critical Hits
-D64ifier core (textures & lighting)
-Factotum OR Acid-citrics Resident Evil Items & Weapons.

Be sure to set up your visual/audio settings for Crittical Hits to reflect classic RE. Also, for Corruption Cards, it's fun to set up a custom game mode giving you a selection of 8 cards & choosing 4 or 5. Finally, looks best when turning off the champion icons & setting the pickup style from food to DOOM.

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