You want a quality HD build of Quake without a 2Gb Darkplaces install? Then this'll fit the bill! Includes a slew of graphic enhancements (models, textures, lighting, fixes), music, and even the shareware levels in under an 85 Mb zip file. All credits included in READ ME. Play as is or place your PAK1.PAK in the ID1 folder and you have a full version that will run on a small USB drive. Utilizes the DirectQ engine. General credits: Moon[Drunk], OriOn, Plague, Primevil, Seven, Verbum Mentis, and others.

Quake Mini HD Build

Figured out this works best with DirectQ 1.9.
Mod is superior! I like it plain and simple and it looks great though!
Final verdict: 10. Great job fellow

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TheMacGyverArchiver Author

Thank you! Yes, it runs best with the version of DirectQ already included (which I am assuming is the 1.9 that you mention). I tried slightly newer versions; however, they failed to load all of the textures and models packaged in this download. It works great on all CPUs (including my Windows 10 machine) that I have tested in on. Glad to hear that you like it!

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Looks cool.

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