The Horde of Zendar is a single player map for Quake 1. The map started out with such grand plans! A large hub with a giant royal palace perched on the top, two large city areas on either side for the gold and silver keys, a large vertical gothic style church and a huge city facade overlooking a deep canyon with an iron bridge! Crazy plans!?!

Q1SP - The Horde of Zendar

Looks dope!

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I tried all four of these maps, very nice. Gameplay seems as good as the visuals, these four strung together would make a really good commercial grade episode.

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Great work. Very challenging, visually stunning, quite non-linear feel. Kind of maps you could replay quite a bit.

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simonoc Author

I highly recommend to play the map on normal and hard skill level, they are a different experience. Also if you are playing the map for a second time, try to find the upper route first, the reverse direction rewards the player with more powerful weapons early.

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