Discover a secret entrance near Vault 101 that leads to the neighborhood of Oxford Ponds. Follow the winding road and dispatch those in your path. Learn of a neighborhood feud and take who's side you like!

Oxford Ponds
GAZMAZK! - - 23 comments

I Just started it and i can already tell u worked hard on it.
Pretty fun so far.
Kinda cheesy when the quest objective was
Kill those Raider Scum. haha

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wtbuser Author
wtbuser - - 3 comments

Thanks man. That means a lot. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Maybe I'll find the time to implement them.

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prkprkprk - - 8 comments

Awesome add-on. Haven't played too much of it, but I'll continue playing. Looks good so far.

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MKMarines - - 2 comments

Sorry if im a bit of a noob but whats the directory for me to put this add on in?

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wtbuser Author
wtbuser - - 3 comments

You need to place it inside the Data folder found in your Fallout 3 installation directory.

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seeyaspacecowboy - - 195 comments

(borderlands reference)

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wallynater - - 4 comments

sorry but im new to this how does this get transfered to my xbox 360?

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