-Order & Chaos' twist on Heretic's gameplay is such: You have entered a world where the very atmosphere itself slowly eats away at your health, and health pickups are extremely rare. All is not lost, though; your weapons siphon life from killed enemies, and your health maxes out at 500. Armor is also more plentiful; in fact, armor pickups ranging from a meagre 1 point to as many as 128 points now replace health artifacts and most powerups, and the max amount of armor you can have is 500. -When health is low, don't give up hope! If your health dips below fifty points, your weapons will be temporarily boosted, granting them effects similar to vanilla Heretic's Tome of Power. Your weapons stay powered-up until you health hits seventy-five If your health drops below twenty-five, firing speed will be boosted as well, and will continue to be increased until your health reaches fifty. -On Difficulty 3, enemies will continue to spawn in as you play the stage, similar to Doom's "Nightmare".

Order of Chaos v2.2

Is there a mod where it is just the two classes and their weapons? I would love to use them without the constant damage and all, also with your Legions mod

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