For the 4th VERC competition I am 15 years old and from the Western Isles in Scotland. This is my first proper map for Half-Life, I hope you enjoy it. In this map, you get a random mission out of 4, which are assasination, rescue, bomb planting and stopping a convoy.

Operation Randomosity

Hahaha wow! I made this forever ago, good to see it still exists!

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This is a map by James Coburn, the same guy who made the critically acclaimed mod Echoes (also a personal favourite of mine).
The premise is that each time you load a game, you get a randomly chosen mission with all of these missions taking place on single map. It’s quite a clever concept and it is done in an effective way, I’d like to see a mod like this that expands on this idea, that’d be pretty awesome.
As for the mapping, it’s pretty good, though if you compare it to Echoes then you’ll definitely notice how much Coburn has improved over the years. And the gameplay is fun with a decent challenge to its combat.
Operation Randomosity by James Coburn is a short, but sweet map with a creative concept. I give it an 8/10.
Though it begs the question, will the “Red Alert” mod he teases at the end ever be released?

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