This mission is in Asia The ECA have captured a key location in Asia, and destroyed the American resistance so China have no allies you must build up your base as fast as you can and get supplies and power to run your base, then destroy your enemies, but beware your enemies will not wait long before they attack you so ARE YOU READY GENERAL !

On the Hunt [ROTR]
Mr_Skittles - - 63 comments

the ai does not use the sw
impassable terrain issues outside the eca base
too much empty space north of the eca base (maybe put a town there?)

other than that, nice mission, good ai scripting
(8 rateing)

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Master.Assassin Author
Master.Assassin - - 273 comments

thanks man

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sasatovernic - - 80 comments

I agree with all but one, that ai scripting its the most basic ai scripting you can make and its causing lag.

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Mr_Skittles - - 63 comments

I encountered no lag at all

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Arc137 - - 450 comments

ECA attacking America and China?

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Guest - - 696,626 comments

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nouamane_air - - 8 comments

Good work GLAGeneral, thanks.

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sasatovernic - - 80 comments

And now to give proper rewiev to this mission!

First that we see on this mission is intro and its nice
but somewhat confusing we know that USA & ECA are allies wish that was explained a bit more to get better involved with the mission, rate 9/10.

There is no base so player needs to build one after he fights for some ground i like this kind of missions rate 10/10 for idea.

AI attacks gets harder how time goes & its nicely balanced and somewhat challenging to average player, rate 10/10.
Enemy base to the north could have more defences its ECA, rate 8/10.
Enemy base to the east well considering that player must survive path to resources and than build base that close just around hill, yes that can work we can assume that China had a lot larger force before player took control, rate 9/10.

Map classic desert area you went with realism wich i like there arent many people live in desert so not bad at all but i will give it 9 only because that hill looks weird to me at least, rate 9/10.

All in all i rate this mission 9/10.

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