Removes immortality for NPC's who were previously immortal.

No Immortal NPCs 1.1 [COTZ 1.2]

Today's ally is tomorrows enemy, and todays enemy is tomorrows ally with dynamic faction relations.

I found it one of the best features of this game version to make all important chars passive and immortal. (as they don't respawn, once dead, the base is without infrastructure for the rest of the game)

Where is you point making them mortal (and still passive?)?

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attackzone974 Author

I do like toying the idea of factions being completely wiped out, adds an interesting dynamic when less factions are in play and adds the idea that no one is really safe. Also helps for me when I have to pass by an enemy faction's base to get to an objective and sneaking past their base is too difficult sometimes because there's too many people, so I can instead engage in an all-out assault and wipe them out (Getting to Liminsk from Dead City or moving from Yantar to Dead City for instance). More of a personal thing for me though, because it was a bit annoying when I see invincible stalkers who are causally walking around and doing nothing whilst i'm killing their teammates, and I find it much easier that holding out from a defensive position against an enemy wave before progressing is much easier to navigate through a level because you won't get a clustered from so many enemies, not to mention the sheer amount of mutants that can be in the level too.

I mean you don't have you use this mod if you don't want to

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Hopefully this mod doesn't need a new save (I can't imagine why it would) because I can't be bothered to test it out on a backup install of COTZ))
Ledit: It works, blasted Sultan's guts out with my deagle! the dark valley bandit base has been wiped out and my game hasn't crashed yet!

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Finally, I can kill Scamorovich!

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