the devs made it an option in the launcher to toggle the headbob, thats nice! but with this file, you can CHANGE it to your liking, not only switch it to OFF! unpack the "gamedata" folder right into the "S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha DC" folder, and you are done! click -->

change headbob strength 1.4007 LA DC

You can disable headbob via menu or in launcher settings. You don't need this addon.

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lOrD_gHoSt Author

ah, cool, i just made it fast so its out there, not rly looking around the launcher!
nice to know the devs did incorporate something in their mod from me *cough* *cough* :D

BUT: its a toggle, and with my file you can change the sensitivity of the bob, like half, or third, or everything you like, and not only just ON/OFF :D
so you need it if you are not an ON/OFF person ^^

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The biggest annoyance is when you are extremely injured (limp_amplitude?) and it moves as if someone has drunk 20-liter vodka! XD It would be cool to have a slider like on other options.

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Totally disabled headbob is weird, like you're flying through the game. Being able to adjust it is better, so it still feels like you're actually a person moving around in the game but without getting seasick from the extreme degree of it, especially on large or particularly wide screens.

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