Removes the blackouts and input block from using items. Ported over and modified from andrejchudoba's QoL addon for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Last Day.

No Blackouts - Input Blocks
shabbyshabby - - 3 comments

Very handy. Thanks for this!

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Darvin76 - - 54 comments

One of the features I actually like.. It forces you not to do certain things while in the dangerous firefights you talked about.. Not even IRL you would have time to use a medkit when there are enemies engaging you.. You are supposed to fall back, find a decent place or spot and then patch yourself up, not doing so right in front of them.. For combat use, the Misery devs originally made stimpacks being a no blackout / no immobility healing item

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n0ps Author
n0ps - - 57 comments

It's just a QoL change for the people who didn't like it. I'll release a guide for how to remove all or most of it for Medkits however, if you like.

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Crlsdmc - - 104 comments

Completely agreed.

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trowe93 - - 18 comments

You also wouldn't black out IRL from performing rudimentary medical procedures on yourself. At most, it would take longer to perform and be cancel-able (in the event someone tries to sneak up while you're patching up) but the current mechanic doesn't do that.

It's a stupid holdover from previous mods that circlejerked over being hardcore.

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Darvin76 - - 54 comments

Well OFC, however this isnt about what it does or what it should do, its about preventing you to do certain stuff you shouldnt in a certain situation.. I would switch for a longer cancel-able animation in a heartbeat, unfortunately no-one did such a feature as far as I know..

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n0ps Author
n0ps - - 57 comments

Actually, there is a mod that can probably be ported over from Last Day that lets you press a button to cancel an animation. I'll consider seeing if that can work here, but, I probably won't have the time to make it.

EDIT: There isn't a mod that does that. Only one that toggles the option on and off with a key press.

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HUNTER2K4 - - 441 comments

Do you guys know how to add back the Recoil and smoke effect from the old version ? ( CoM )

I very love the feature , but look like they delete it in this version

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ThreatxSignal - - 23 comments

There's still a movement and looking block when manually reloading.

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Vancer2 - - 445 comments

I think this prevented being able to use the bedspread...

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Zurko11 - - 20 comments

Hello, can you modify the script to fully disable the animations for some items?(ex. i want to disable the camera animations when you change your outfit, mask and backpack)

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