This is my second mod for Brutal Doom v20 test version, that will replace original sounds of weapons in the game. In this version Minigun and Rocket Launcher have new sounds. That's it!, have fun! :)

New Real Weapon Sounds v2
Kyle07 - - 399 comments

This new release is based on the recent feedback. Nice.
I agree, that the rocket launcher was silent, but not that really bad. It was okay.
And at the minigun I had no complains at all.

But nice to see a new release based on community feedback.

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Quaker540 - - 2,150 comments

You could just edit your add-on, hit the "Pen" button on the right corner and upload the new version. No need for a re-upload.

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Hang-Lip - - 1,011 comments

I notice no differnce in sounds with it running.

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Quaker540 - - 2,150 comments

Drag Brutal19.pk3 then hold CTRL and click on New Real Weapons Sounds.wad

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Doomguy5th - - 483 comments

Why do you use the current Project MSX sound for the Minigun? It doesn't sound good. The Rocket Launcher sounds much better. The minigun sound fits more to an assault rifle, not to a Minigun. Try some sounds like from

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Calvinic - - 475 comments

If I were you. I would consider holding off till V20 is fully released so you won't have to keep releasing new versions constantly.

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Quaker540 - - 2,150 comments

There's no radical sound changes to the weapons in V20, so compatibility will also be available.

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