Replaces music in all areas (Cordon, Garbage, Yantar, etc) with music from Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Now with optional combat and main menu music!

Metroid Prime: Stalker UPDATE V2
chiglit - - 4 comments

I believe that the music setting itself to 0 is a bug caused by enabling Dynamic Music in the Audio Settings. Try turning it off (I think its an old buggy setting since you still hear music with it off)

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accolyte1022 - - 600 comments

If this addon needs the dynamic music enabled, this should fix that issue.

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

Hey, yeah, that seems to have worked. A ton of maps/tracks still seem to randomly work or not work though. The ones i've tested:

agroprom: works
cordon: works
yantar: works
great swamps: doesn't work
limansk: works
dead city: works
red forest: doesn't work
rostok: works
wild territory: works
cherno: doesn't work
garbage: works
jupiter: works
military warehouses: doesn't work
priyat: doesn't work
radar: doesn't work
scary: works
truck graveyard: works

I don't know if it's a problem with my game, my computer, or just the game itself.

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

Just now saw accolyte's reply.

That seems to have fixed the bug but once again some maps simply don't output music.

Also a lot of the maps that do work still require you to save, quit and reload for the music to start playing.

I'm at a total loss for what to try now.

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J00B - - 1,118 comments

Amazing music from an amazing game, suits Stalker well enough! Lets hope MP4 has cool music.

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Wojach - - 32 comments

I might have found the issue for some tracks not playing.The tracks that are supposed to play in the Swamps/Mil Warehouses/Red Forest/CNPP/Pripyat and Radar have 32000Hz sampling rate(too low for XRay engine),your tracks need to have 44100Hz sampling rate to work.

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

Yoo that's great, but i have zero music and sound knowledge lol. What could i go about doing to fix that?

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

Nevermind, i figured it out myself, (i'm not dumbo i swear) and now everything works flawlessly as far as i can tell! Thanks so much!

Publishing update v1.1 now.

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Mr.Greenway - - 21 comments

You got Metroid in my S.T.A.L.K.E.R.! No! You got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in my Metroid!

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Vardayn - - 269 comments

oh my god this is such an oddly appropriate OST for this game

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

So i'm trying to get combat music to work. I replaced the fight themes with space pirate and dark samus battle themes from MP2. I had to cut them up and make them loopable myself, but the space pirate one worked flawlessly and sounds like it's meant to be there, the dark samus one has a somewhat awkward loop but is still epic.

The problem is in-game they don't normally trigger, they just cut out the normal music i already have playing. To get the themes to trigger, i have to once again save, quit and reload, and even then they sometimes don't start.

I have no clue why and it's ticking me off.

If i can make this work the potential for optional battle themes is endless. There's like a dozen battle themes across prime 1 and 2 that would fit into Stalker easily.

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linkfanpc Author
linkfanpc - - 24 comments

Alright, after some testing it seems the problem was it was trying to play a third and fourth obviously non-existent combat theme, so i added Ing Battle and Dark Trooper Battle themes, now combat music works perfectly. I also figured out how to change the main menu music, so that's awesome.

New update v2 will come with optional mods to change combat and main menu music. Huzzah!

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