Always wandered why artefacts weigh so much and they are useless?

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PossuM - - 322 comments

"Burn, Chemical and Psy resistance are useless as it was, to get some effect(don't die if you step in anomaly or controller gives you a remote kiss) I had to go in numbers over 9000%. So, nah."

Why though? Would be nice if those resistances finally had some use, and if that´s the number it takes then why not?

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TomLink - - 191 comments

actually, they have their own usage tho. Chemical might be the worst since you wont need it that much, burn is pretty much everywhere, and psy - dont face a Controller w a low Psy resistance and still think of going out survive

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smarch Author
smarch - - 214 comments

Thing is that even if you stack 5 with highest of those resistances and use the best max upgraded scientific suit - controller will oneshot you, so will chem and burn anomalies. I think it was never intended to be able to step into anomaly, it is just a resistance for "residual" damage inside anomaly, something like that.

Will see, if I get some moments, gona try to boost these too.

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[𝚛𝚞𝚋𝚢] - - 606 comments

Weird. Never get 1hit ko against a controller attack. Then again, i'm using maxed out Diamond outfit, with few random arties. Maybe you are getting to fight versus the strong ones?

EDIT: I'm using "poor" values on suit protection and bullet force is set to 3.0 ( I have no clue if this affects mutant "projectiles")

IIRC, strong versions of mutties have higher hp and damage output. Then again, they are visually bigger / they look different, like that humongous bloodsucker I sometimes find on Dead City. Man, that thing is like 3m tall and it ******* scares me.

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smarch Author
smarch - - 214 comments

Gotta test it more, not sure what kind of setting I had.

I basically put on one of those scientific suits with most psy resist, put on 5 arties, smoke some weed and spawned a bunch of different controllers, every one of them oneshotted me. When I set my test artefact to some 9500% psy resist I spawned 30 controllers and could just chill.

Going to test and make it so - if you spend time and get 5 top artifacts of a kind you can almost ignore that type of damage, but sacrifice something else.
Hard to find that spot where you still have to use meds for rads/bleed/health, maybe take care of one of these with artefacts, but use sometihing else more.

These freaky muties in stalker are only thing in games that make my skin crawl sometimes

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Analyzing_Surveyor - - 32 comments

I'm really curious now, how does the balancing in this mod compare to the changes in Artefact Redux or the Total Artifact and Attachments Overhaul? Additionally, to what extent did you nerf the Attachments to? I really did like the concept of these Attachments and I hope you haven't made them entirely useless.

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smarch Author
smarch - - 214 comments

Not sure about other addons,

Attachments mostly don't give some random +kg and - rads. Changed kevlar to not give impact resistance, becasue kevlar is soft, instead steel plates give impact resistance.

General idea here is to create variations - you can build average bonuses with no dowsides or you can stack something specific with heavier downsides.

Everyone is looking for arefacts --- why are they so useless? Not anymore.

Also main point was to reduce weight, light artefacts <0.5kg, heavy ones 0.7-0.9, with container its <2kg for sure.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Halo, my friend. Sorry for my great language knowledge.
So, I checked some things and..
Jumped into fire anomaly with 50% FireResis suit -> had 5 points of health.
Jumped with this suit and 5 Fireballs (+435% FireResis each one, summ: +2175%) -> had 10 points.
Total amount of HP -> 30 points. That's some real problem over here!

People see the art and think 'Wow, it must be really cool', when it's actually a peace of garbage. Same happens with Electr and Acid arts - they are basically useless, but have nice percents in description. Could you somehow rewrite description, so there would be not this stupid big numbers, but actual info? Like "-10% fire damage" or "-25% dmg to the suit from bullets"? I can't understand if +380m of PhysResis means alot or not! Will +100500 AcidResis save my life or it's better to use smth else!

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smarch Author
smarch - - 214 comments

I added some stats so I can touch anomaly once and survive. You are not supposed to do squats inside burner.

I made this thing for myself, just shared because maybe someone out there will enjoy it and adjust it to fit their game if necessary. Since I uploaded it I havnt had time to play and fine-tune it.

As much as I'd like to snoop and understand whole structure of how it works - I simply dont have time.
About why stats are displayed like they are in some 2000% and 500kW stuff? Wrong address buddy, I have no idea.

Here is a hint that will get you what you want:
- Want to change those +5uAdren and +230m or whatever? Find out how it works and make it happen.

- Want to make artefacts stronger or weaker? Just go in gamedata folder and do it.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

wellp, seems like devs went same way

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smarch Author
smarch - - 214 comments

That's why there are multiple addons rebalancing this I guess.

I quite like the kW and muAdren stat display, my gripe was weight and every playtrough I ended up with a bunch of Camelbacks or whatever they are called. Artefacts were just a thing to sell, sometimes I even didn't pick them up.

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