This is my first card so don't judge strictly.

My first map

Not a bad start, but it looks like you've been mapping without the grid. The lighting doesn't work because you have tiny holes under the elevator doors that lead to the void. This is called a LEAK and will prevent the map from compiling correctly. Your map needs to be sealed.

Otherwise, not a bad start. You've got a weapon gate (player needs the crowbar to progress) and your brushwork is a decent scale.

But yeah, you need to stick to the grid when building rooms to prevent tiny leaks. :)

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From looking at the RMF, I'm guessing you added these indents on the frame to stop the door clipping into the wall and causing z-fighting. In order to prevent this, just add a number value to the "Lip" field for the func_door. Something like 2 or 4 should look OK.

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Almazik Author

Thank you very much for the advice!

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My pleasure.

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