"Command & Conquer 3 - Mutants Revenge - Red Zone Map-Pack" contains 4-diffrent maps, from two to eight players. Every map has its own climate similar to previous games from C&C-series.

Mutants Revenge - Red Zone Map-Pack
*memory-on-Goldberg* - - 492 comments

cool :)

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Enlightened - - 90 comments

so hwo do you make this work , cause i got in n where do u put the files etc??:S

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Tehkrad - - 118 comments

To install the maps go to the start bar and open the run and type in this &#xUS;ERPROFILE%\Application Data then hit enter go to your C&C3 Folder then go to maps and drag the (*if* *rar'd *unrar'd maps to) map folder to your \Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Maps

(percent *above #5* percent)
�US;ERPROFILE%\Application Data

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Dott - - 14 comments

Too confusing, really.
I can't even finish the first campaign... I lack the units, the firepower, and the directions to do so.

The enemy has a large offensive and defensive force that include garrisonable structures, veteran infantry units, tanks and mobile artillery.
I have four visceroids (that have no actual vision themselves and thus can't attack anything too far away from my marauders) and, as I just mentioned, four Mutant Marauder squads. Of course these marauders are elite infantry and whatnot, but they lack the numbers of my opponent. And most of my opponent's infantry have veteran status, and a few squads are even on par with my mutants.

And then there's that nuke... I just don't know where to put it. A message about taking the nuke to some hangar somewhere to the north is on my screen for roughly 3 minutes, and then it's gone. No specifics, just "a hangar to the north". Do you have any idea how many hangars there appear to be up there? At least 3. The only one I actually got to was the wrong one, and was protected by several squads of veteran riflemen, rocket soldiers, APCs (with rocket soldiers), garrisoned structures and a juggernaut.
How am I supposed to get a pain-in-the-*** slow moving truck through a hell of lead and rockets and lead and artillery shells and lead and rockets with FOUR MARAUDERS.

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