Now you can found more bad ammo (10) and type ammo (5-10) from 1 box.

More found bad ammo
Guest - - 695,175 comments

While I like the idea of getting more than 1 or 2 bullets from a box, some tweaking to the weight/price of the "Bad Ammo" item might need to be tweaked!

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Hetman64 - - 121 comments

True, I agree.

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Guest - - 695,175 comments

How do I uninstall this mod? The bad ammo is too expensive and tempting to sell thus destroying immersiveness....

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I seem have a problem with this addon, it removed where when you picked up objects it would show you a message about what you just picked up after downloading this addon it removed the messages and even the picking up sound and it is very frustrating because I wont know what I just picked up I hope you can fix this thanks

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Darvin76 - - 55 comments

I was just looking into this as I wanted to include something similar in my addon.. Looks like just unpacking the itms_manager.script without even editing it screws up the feature you mentioned, and when you edit the itms_manager.script and pack everything back again, it magically works without problems.. Russian programming is really anomalous thing lol

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thanks my dude

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MilligraM313 - - 255 comments

How do I ,,pack,, everything back again?

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Guest - - 695,175 comments

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Dragomir3777 - - 24 comments

A bit cheaty, do you not find? over 100 coins can fall cartridges of several thousand.

I offer you this version of the script.

if (ammo) then
local ammo_rand = math.random(1,5)
create_ammo (ammo,,,, 0,ammo_rand)

Then each type of ammo also drops randomly.

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