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Max & Min Option Sliders Expanded
Vintar0 - - 391 comments

Just thought I should point something out:

The options in ui_options.script aren't all handled the same by the game engine. Some are .ini/.ltx tweaks, others just input console commands, etc.

The ones that are console commands, such as weapon degradation, have engine-hardcoded limits. For Anomaly 1.5.0 U4 H8, weapon degradation has limits [0.5, 2.0]. So even if you set your slider to 0.1, it won't actually change it to that. Since it's a console command, it'll instead act like you input an invalid command, and revert back to the previous acceptable value.

This is a bug that exists even with vanilla Anomaly, since they changed the slider to go all the way to 0.1 but not the game engine limits.

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missterxpoop Author
missterxpoop - - 87 comments

Yeah, thanks Vintar... As I quickly found out, some things are not registering the change (namely the weapon degradation thingy, which was the main reason for my tweaking the whole thing)... I was afraid actually that there was a reason for those sliders to be the way they are originally, and that NOTHING would work, but yeah, still some changes apply like the buy/sell parameters, loot rarity, carry weight, etc., so it is indeed as you described I guess. So thanks again, I'll notify it in the description ;)

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Smic - - 95 comments

Jo, that's right. Xray complains in the log.
It also indicates which values are valid.

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missterxpoop Author
missterxpoop - - 87 comments

Thanks buddy. When I saw that that trader was not giving me his stuff for free, I suspected something dubious, lol (and I killed him... Double lol ^^). No, kidding, actually the sell/buy slider changes stuff OK, like for some others, but I guess you found out by now as you got the log. Vintar above explained that there were hardcoded stuff so... Too bad :/

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Guest - - 696,002 comments

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DrStrange - - 10 comments

I can't seem to increase the max carry weight. I'll set it to a value on the slider but, after clicking save settings, it resets to 25.

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RadioRiley - - 3 comments

what does "sex size" do?

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domikoni - - 15 comments

Any chance you could add repair cost modifier to this? Or do you by any chance know if there's a way to change that myself? Thanks for the mod.

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SchizophrenicIzaaz - - 21 comments

It crashes my game while I JSGME'd it.
How doe?

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