Including a complete overhaul of the in-game skins, even down to the goliath this time. Not really, nobody cares about how the goliath looks, it's just going to suicide anyway! But every other unit, even the ToV exclusives in this release, have their own skins! The Panzer Elite theme is reimagined and redone with some amazing stripe camo patterns (and unfortunately a less than amazing new armored car pattern, but there's a long story behind that) in addition to a brand new Panther! The US armor pieces received some loving as well in this update, and especially quality-heavy this time out is the infamous Wehrmacht. Sporting brand new camo patterns on all of its support crews and grenadiers as well as a completely redesigned Hans, it's not short on changes and improvements at any turn. If you want the highest quality skin compilation this side of the Rhine, it's time to go download the pack! Link at the bottom of the page for the censored version !

Malevolence's SkinPack v3.0
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