A medium-large style map that has deadly falls. Built for a challenge to users that wanted to survive standing on the bridge over 'The Pit'. #kf2newgrounds


One of the best maps I've played on.
It's spaced just right so that no spot is too easy or too difficult. There's many viable points to hold up. Definitely one of the funnest maps to play on.
It feels massive and looks great. I love the fortress-like style to the buildings.

I always look out for this map when I'm looking for custom maps to play on.

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Just a follow-up to my comment, one of the big problems players have is navigating through the map. Lots of tight hallways/pathways.
But if you become familiar with layout of the map/spam "FOLLOW ME" to safety (to newbies of the map) it's really fun to play.
Especially if you know the pathway going from the Mortal Kombat bridge along the side of the sewage building and onto the bridge across the map.

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Gameplay: 7/10
A very interesting layout, has open spaces and tight hallways. A bit of a shame some of those long tight hallways don't offer much choice other than retreat or push forward, only for the bridge is this a positive thing. (Love the bridge)

Presentation: 6/10
If the authors previous map (Phobos Lab) was Doom 2 inspired, the surreal fantasy fortresses clashing with high-tech science feels a bit like Quake to me. Even the crazy surreal vertical geometry are reminiscent to quake. There is a mountain path that is very hard to identify as a path the player can go trough, trader pods arrows showed me I could...

Overall score: 6.5/10 (7/10 on ModDB)

If you want to see how I rated this map or how you did compared to others in the contest I made a big list here:

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