its a map how have a indor and outdoor part its a good map how can be enjoyed mostly with 6-100 players on the map #grindhouse


6-100 players, lol. Yeah the map is so big it could fit that. I believe it's only the dedicated servers that can change how many players are allowed, most rental servers have a set limit of 6 players, so it's best to design maps based on this.

I'll start with the things I liked. The little room which toy models of zeds and helmets and that, is interesting, I definitely liked this. Inside, the statues and water fountain looked great. The fleshpounds stuck on a burning stake was fantastic.

Now for the things I didn't like. The map is just way too big. I don't think I could even finish exploring the whole thing before I quit. AI pathing needs a lot of work. I was standing around waiting for zed's to come at me, they didn't come, I was actively looking for them. One zed I saw under stairs standing still. The zeds need to spawn a lot faster and actually come at the players.

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redpk Author

i know the problem of the paths. TW have problem with them and they are aware, some paths dont work but they are there
i rebuild the paths 7 times and it still having problems, ask to some LD and they will tell u the same
the map is going to be in the future a objetive mod that is the idea of a big map but i still needing to learn a bit more of kistmet to do it or just TW make a support for that
thanks for download the map

PD:some weeks ago the spawn and zeds movement was right, i didnt tweak nothing about that and it seems to be bug.. sad =C
zeds spawn are at the lower rate(1 sec to zeds to spawn again)

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