Welcome to Drop Dead Distillery! Your tour starts in the courtyard and leads you through the whiskey distillation process. We hope you enjoy and that...nothing goes wrong. The map has a total of 5 areas that players progress through. #KF2newgrounds


Decent map, but would like it a whole lot more if the areas were connected and looped around, rather than the progression format.
The one thing I really didn't like is the final area being restricted to only the boss wave. With all the space and detail in that final room, I'd love to be fighting zeds in it...

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Magrooter Author

I can certainly do a connected version sometime as I think that would be cool too, however I wanted to create the sense that you are actually going on a tour of a distillery.

If you play the map on 7 or 10 wave you will fight normal zeds in the final area. Playing on 4 wave will only spawn the boss in the final area.

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Gameplay: 7/10
Most of the maps layout is decent, with effective traps, but just a very few areas can be annoying to play in.
Almost thought it was just a tiny map, because on medium & long wave lengths the first area doesn't open up after the first wave, which you should probably do in future progression maps.

Presentation: 7/10
The author intended for the map to feel like a tour through a distillery and he was successful in getting that feel. Some aspects of the map are just a bit too off to feel believable (as believable as KF2 can get that is).

Overall Score: 7/10

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