Horzine was never known for their restraint. After all, such notions hinder innovation and progress. It is this blind ambition that pushed their horrifying creations beyond the boundaries of earth. Now with Low Gravity! #GRINDHOUSE

Swift-Brutal-Death Author

This is a low gravity version of DevaStation BTW. So it plays much differently than the normal gravity version.

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This is awesome! The low gravity makes it feel easier and smoother to run around. I found that I could sometimes jump up on balconies which helps to keep distance from Zeds but I failed most times. For this LG version I'd like to see slightly lower balconies to allow this. Perhaps some more balconies to encourage that kind of thing. As per my previous comments on the regular DevaStation map, I think this map's fantastic and could seriously win the Grindhouse competition. Everything feels polished and I definitely look forward to seeing this map on multi-player servers.

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