An average Tuesday for the rest of the world that might just be your last. It’s 1800 hours, and you and your companions have arrived at MAIM-Base (short for Monreith Artifact Investigation and Management), in scenic Monreith Cove, UK. You’ve picked the perfect moment to go absorb the natural beauty. If nothing else, it’s at least guaranteed to be a pretty sunset. MAIM, one of Horzine’s many secret bases, is used to house, transport and analyse their most clandestine operations and associates. Equipped with its own road and railway network to maintain secrecy, the base is notoriously disconnected from basic civil facilities. “Dead Shore” now lies deader than usual. Do you dare enter? #grindhouse


Yeah this is a really good map. Seeing the crabs, boats and water is a welcome change of scenery. Well designed, spaced, accommodating of 6 players, a very well balanced map.

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I didn't find any technically bug.

I guess these two thing are problems:
1. Only the reception play enough big for play well.
2. At the spawn point I could see the bottom of the map.
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