A map I made based on the videogame Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I've spent 130 hours making this map (also my first map). I'm looking for feedback and bug reports, and if possible people to help me fix bugs. I'm planning on adding a manor type section to the map as well. Bugs I'm aware of: Pathing issues, sometimes zeds don't go through doorways. Not sure how to fix it, I've tried making doorways bigger and changing path nodes. It's mostly larger zeds with this problem. Lighting issues: Might be some lighting issues on the map, this happened when I built lighting, not sure how I can fix odd shadows. Some areas you can exploit, I can fix this by myself with a KF blocking volume. The map is definitely playable, but due to these bugs I've labelled it as a BETA.

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A gallery of the map

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It looks a good map. Although I don’t like the Wolfeinstein series.

So, I’ve found two three bugs.
1, The long stairs needs some railing. I died because Patriarch tossed me down. :’(
2, One of the fireplaces has the wrong position and there wasn’t chimney.
3, There were possible to jump on the barrels and Zeds couldn’t reach me.

Watch the screenshots and read description below them.

I hope it helps you.

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In regards to doors and small spaces be sure to place a KFChokepoint trigger in each, that way the Zeds collision is reduced so they fit through.

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Definitely impressed by this map, looks great, lots of space, awesome Wolfenstein theme, fun to play in but a few bugs that I noticed:

* Trader arrow sometimes doesn't work, if you move closer towards it, it starts working again, only happens sometimes though

* First trader took too long to get to, could be put closer to the spawn

* Some zeds spawn right in front of us / teleported which looked odd

* No sound when doors open or close

* Too generous with the ammo pickups, made things a bit too easy

* Zed AI pathing not good, in a few places instead of coming towards us, they turned around and went a really long way. Because of this, it meant some waves dragged on for too long

* As mentioned earlier, stairs could use a railing

Nice to see non destructible lighting for a change :) Great map for letting loose with RPGs, grenades etc. Layout, design and space of the map is all good, provided trader pods are closer to the centre. Great job, looking forward to a new version.

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