I decided to try to create a map that had a bit of fun, I tried to make it a map that all could enjoy. My First Map, please don`t flame, but please let me know what you think and maybe would like to see included/excluded.

KF-2 Levels Of Fun r2T

I like the ability to go up like some kind of anti gravity zone. I had a bit of a Portal feel to it, but there wasn't actually much puzzle like things going on. I would suggest checking out the Portal (or Portal 2) game and see if you could incorporate some of those things here. A fun, puzzle like map would be nice, and possibly a niche.

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phasedenergy Author

Thank you for the comment, I am just learning mapping so I am not sure what I could add (unless I add in a second area), but I will try to think of something.
I just uploaded a revision to the original map that has repathing.

I have played portal and did attempt some teleports, they turned out ok but not really something I thought people would like....if you would like to see that map uploaded let me is the same one as this just with teleports.

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phasedenergy Author

I have revised the map again, I completely redid the paths and spawns (again) and added teleports...hope you enjoy.

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